Success in Trying

Too often, people decide to listen to fear!  Too often, they say they are unable before they ever try.  Sometimes, we decide to not try things, because we are afraid of failure.  How did we learn to do the things we already do?  Is it not because we left our comfort zones and reach for new abilities?  It is true, that sometimes when we try new things we will seem to fail, but that depends on how we look at life.  Is it failure if we have learned from the experiences of life, if we have memories, or if we were willing to stretch ourselves?  Is that not already success?  If we never reach we will never grasp what might be. 

Sometimes, what we try to accomplish may not come out the way we would like.  Sometimes, though, we will succeed in completed the tasks before us, and we may even learn new enjoyments and talents.  But if we listen to the voice that tells us to quit and to fear, we will become our own worse enemy.  We may even miss out on some of the greatest joys and life fulfillments.  Do not let the unknown keep you from trying.  For without trying, nothing is ever learned or accomplished.  Are you willing to try?


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3 Responses to Success in Trying

  1. fantyse says:

    I wiling to try because I recently realized my future happiness depends on it. I may not be happy right now…but I am trying so hopefully happiness will come tomorrow. Thanks -Fant….P.S. I am still terrified though…nothing like that comfort zone.

    • choiceleader says:

      Don’t give up on yourself. Life can be cruel and hard, but don’t let fear be what stops you from moving forward. You can find happiness in spite of what is going on around you. All of us need hope. Keep getting up and step forward. A man I know who has his doctorate, once told me that most college level students could get their doctorate if they wanted it badly enough. He said that he wasn’t the most talented or the smartest, he just put a lot of hours into getting it. He said the difference in those who accomplish things and those who don’t is persistence. So, know what happiness is and never stop trying.

      • fantyse says:

        Thanks for saying so, I can use all the motivation that I can get. I am dealing a lot with fear and anxiety to the point that its crippling me. I feel fear to achieve something and to fail at the same time? Because if I fail, I am a failure, and if I achieve, there is normally more responsibility that I don’t know if I can handle. I want to get over this. I want to get that poison out of my life because its holding me back.

        I agree with the words from the man you talked about. I got my master’s degree and would go forward to get my doctorate if I had the money to pay for it. I am up to my neck and loans and I don’t know if that dream would ever come true. My issue in life right now is getting a decent job. It is so hard and it really makes me want to give up but I know I need a job more than anything, so giving up is not an option. Not only would a job help me financially, but it will help me keep my sanity. I experienced some great losses in my life so I am really on the low end of hope nowadays, but thank you again for your motivation. I am trying to blog because I want to come in contact with people like you. People who send out positive energy and motivation to others. You inspire me! -Fant

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