The Road of Our Choosing

There are many roads which men and women take in life that directly affect their future.  Some roads seem to be simpler and less stressful, and some are difficult and challenging.  Most desire to walk down the road that look easy.  It may be a job that mentally unchallenging and with little responsibility.  It may be choosing a divorce over continuing to try to work things out and stay married.  Some may choose to take another job instead of having time with their children, because they didn’t want to sacrifice possessions.  Others may choose their own recreation and comfort over training and teaching their children.  Some allow their children to make their own hard decisions instead of being strong and leading them to better choices. 

Yet, the difficult and challenging road is the road that will lead to growth, success, and a fulfilling life.  It is those who pushed through challenges and hardships that made the greatest difference in others.  The choices that mean standing against the tide of those around are the ones who produce changes and excitement.  It is the weak and selfish that always take the easy road.  I am accountable for the choices I make, and each person will defend those choices before our Creator.

Your future is made up of your choices.  Are you taking just what the world gives you or are you choosing the life that you want?  Be strong and courageous and challenge yourself to go after the hard things.  True joy will be knowing you accomplished what few ever will.  The roads are before you, and the choices are yours.  Just remember, the consequences will follow.  

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