Consequences for Chasing Companionship

Companionship is one of the greatest desires in men.  It is amazing what people will accept in order to have someone else in their lives.  How many times have we seen women allow themselves to suffer physical and mental abuse for fear they can’t get anyone else?  How many times have people overlooked unfaithfulness because they “love” the person?  I have seen some who are willing to lose friendships, family, jobs, and a host of other things because they are afraid of being alone in their home.  They search for that special someone and say they are looking for love, happiness, or a family, but what they really desire is companionship. 

Why are people willing to leave almost everything they know and have to either get or keep that one person, who usually is not that great in the first place?  I believe there are many reasons people choose the way they do, but several influence people the greatest.  The first is because we were created by God to want to be around others.  This desire was from the beginning, and our lives are meant to be shared.  But I believe the main reason people will give up so many things (many times even who they really are) for one person is fear.  Fear drives men to do many things, and fear of being alone is one of the greatest fears in man.  Some marry the first person who comes along because they are afraid they won’t get anybody else.  Some live with unfaithful mates, because they are afraid to live their lives without them.  Really they are afraid of their own weaknesses.  Some will choose to chase that special person even if it means losing their family and friends, because they fear growing old by themselves.  Fear is a driving force of those who lack any vision or faith for the future.  Some choose that one person because they hope in something greater than what they have now.  They are trying to fill a void caused by other choices they have made.

Whatever the reason, there are great consequences in chasing companionship in only one person.  Too many times, we lose more than we gain.  Disappointment, loneliness, depression, sadness, a lack of self-esteem, and a loss of what we had or could of had all may be faced by chasing happiness through an individual’s companionship.   Many end up getting what they have feared all along. 

There is nothing wrong with companionship.  God made us to desire it, but happiness does not come from it alone.  We must be careful that we are not putting all of our hopes and desires in one person who no matter what will have flaws.  You may lose the best part of life in the process.  Build your happiness on fulfilling the purpose God wants for your life, and be careful that you are not building your life on a fictional dream. 

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