Life’s Masterpiece

Life is a puzzle that we are constantly constructing.  Each choice we make and each experience we encounter shapes the lifestyles and positions in which each of us finds ourselves.   Our lives are an outcome of our successes and our failures, and with each new decision comes a new designed work of art.  Some lives seem to become masterpieces, while some look like a child’s drawing.  Yet, each has value to someone, for who would deny the value of a child’s drawing to their mother.  The failures we experience changes forever the way we act and feel, but it is those same failures who make each life unique.  Failures look like flaws, but is it not the flaws in a masterpiece that identifies it as authentic.  Can we not say that our failures may actually be more critical than our successes in determining our view of life?  Successes are what we desire to do and what most desire, yet it is the failures we do not prepare for usually.  Each success and failure are individually experienced.

Life can be very complicated and challenging, but we must face and accept each choice as ours.  We may not always like every piece of this puzzle of life, but the consequences are still going to be experienced.  We must humble ourselves and realize that sometimes there are pains, sadness, frustrations, and fears, but there are also great joys, blessings, and exciting experiences as well.  The hardest part is living with ourselves.  Humans mess up so many times, and these are the times to reveal our weaknesses.  We must not pout or get angry, but get up and face the reality of our own life choices.  Like the painting of Mona Lisa, we may have to paint over some moments in life. 

So, I know that it is easy to blame others for where our life is today, but really it is our own responsibility.  Some parts of life are just a part of living, but much of life is a making of our own.  It is sad to see people in the low moments because of a lack of consideration before decisions, or because they let their weaknesses get the best of them.  The only thing a person can do then is stand up and recreate the puzzle again, and in the end we can hope all the pieces will fit together to create something wonderful!  Let God shape you.  God has placed us each just as He has desired.  Live with you choices and try to look for successes and accept your failures.  You can rise up with God and learn to be at peace.  All things work together for good to those who love the Lord…

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