The Hidden Warrior

So many people have influenced my life, and I am thankful for those who have been great mentors in my life.  We all have been influenced by others both positively and negatively, and we probably have influenced others in our own lives without sometimes even knowing it.  In fact most people have a great desire to make an impact in our world in some fashion, and that impact happens one person at a time.

Influence is how a leader brings others toward specific goals. Some have position influence (influence because they were placed in charge), while successful leaders have influence based on their behavior and abilities. A good leader knows how to encourage, build, and motivate others by kindness and goals sold to those they lead. Sometimes a leader must be vocal and make themselves very public. This is especially true when there may be criticisms. A leader must not place those they lead into vulnerable positions. Leaders may have to stand up for principles and push forward. Yet, sometimes leaders must be hidden warriors. They must soar above the challenges and lead in private. The advise given to others so they can use their abilities and influence is in itself influence. The work done that is done even when few notice can lead to successful outcomes and goals.

Many are afraid of not being heard or not getting credit for their work. They want to be brazen and in the spotlight. Over time these will lose their true influence and possibly their respect. We have a choice of how we lead, and that choice may lead to success or failure. Don’t forget that true leadership looks only to how they can receive successful outcomes, no matter the direction that it gets there. The hidden, quiet warrior may gain not only success, but more influence and trust with others. The impacts we have in secret, may lead to much greater success and bigger changes in the world around us.

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