Working against entitlement

Outside my house, today, there were workers who were removing pieces of sidewalk and replacing it with new concrete.  It is below freezing outside and there is snow and ice on the ground, but these men are working anyway.  I hate the cold and cannot imagine doing that kind of work, but I sat and admired the choices of these men.  I know many will say that they had to do it to provide a living, but we all know that many are receiving money without working today. 

These men chose to get up and work in the bitter cold to provide for their families and/or their needs and wants.  Many today think they are owed much of what they have.  In fact many choose not to work rather than take a hard or challenging job.  I don’t know the education or talents of these doing the work outside, but most would say this isn’t what they waited their whole lives to do.  These men, though, still realized that self-respect comes from doing your part in life.  They made a choice to help society in whatever way that they could. 

All of us have choices like these in life.  It is sad that many choose to live an entitled life instead of one that brings joy and self-worth.  These are the consequences of the poor lifestyle choices they have made.  The humble life can bring great happiness and awareness.  I honor these men for choosing a path that many are too lazy to take.  I must remember that it is my duty to give the Lord all I can in life to fulfill my love for God and my love for mankind.  The consequences of failing may mean frustration, depression, bitterness, and punishment.  Remember to not only work to provide for your physical needs, but work hard for the soul’s needs. 

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One Response to Working against entitlement

  1. Love your choice to give God all you can in life.

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