Time’s value

Our busy lives can leave us with very little time to do the things that we really want to do,  How many times have we been too busy to take time to play with our children, talk to a mate, or visit with friends because we have things that need to be done?  Our society gives us many responsibilities and roles that consume the precious time we have on earth.  I have seen parents who completely missed out on their children’s lives because of focusing on other areas of life.  They look at their adult children and don’t really even know who they are.  This is sad, but a reality in our world.  I am not saying that you shouldn’t fulfill your responsibilities, because life can be challenging, and some things must be done.  Yet, are we choosing to spend time on what is truly important?

Everyone has the same amount of hours in a day and can spend them in the way they choose.  You choose to work (This is a good thing), sleep, eat, and fill your time with what you see is valuable.  It is your choice if you turn off the TV, forgo a recreational activity, or take time from cleaning, organizing, sleeping, and other daily choirs, so that you can train your children.  You have a choice if you turn down overtime to spend an evening with your mate.  We all choose if we are going to search for success by worldly standards, or work in order to please God. 

Many have made choices that destroyed their marriages, lost friendships, caused stress, and hurt their children.  Some are disappointed to realize that their children are not what they should be, because they, as parents, have failed in one of the most important roles on earth.  Our choices mean consequences that may be hard to live with.  Use your time wisely, because you don’t get it back.  How are you using your time?  Are you focused on living the way God would desire?  Are you nurturing your family?  Are you helping your friends?  They are your choices, and your life’s happiness will be determined by them,

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