Chasing Power

What will people not do for power?  Some will walk on friends, hurt family, and even do things illegal or immoral in order to be able to get their way.  Yet power that is taken is not as beneficial as power that is given.  Some of the most powerful people are those that stay in the backgrounds.  Some demand their way, others lead others to see things as they do.  Many businesses, homes, and even churches are destroyed by those who are selfish and chase power.  When you get your way by underhanded works, it is to your own detrement.  People will learn of your pursuits, and in the end, “your sin will find you out.” 

We each make choices each day on what is important to us in life.  Each of us must be aware that we live with the consequences of our pursuits.  We can choose to push and force our own agendas on others, and the outcome will be a loss of healthy relationships, trust, and true respect. If we lead by listening, encouraging, and sharing the glory, your leadership will be established.  This will help you have a more productive, joyful, and peaceful life.  Be careful of what you are chasing for it will affect your life.

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